Oprah Winfrey personal finance

oprah-winfreys-houseThe world appears to be positive only to people who have money, others have a hard time. People started to earn money in every possible way they can. Similarly they are in search of ways to spend their money in a constructive manner. People wish to spend their hard-earned money in productive business projects. If you wish to spend your money effectively, then you should know about Oprah Winfrey, one of the female financial experts in America. She has been crowned as one of the most influential people by the Time Magazine. Leading magazine, Business Week has declared as the Motivational Speaker. She has written financial books which has useful tips, which are applicable to people from all levels of the society.

Oprah Winfrey started her career as a news anchor and reporter. She had the fame of being the first Black African Women working as an anchor in an American television channel. She became more popular and her talk show had the highest reach to the Americans. The talk show hosted by her became the top ranked show in the channel world. She did not stop her career as anchor; she emerged as a business woman and got flourished in the business world. Her entrepreneurship spirit and innovative ideas made her a leading business tycoon. She has also given guest lectures in many countries like South Africa, Asia and Canada.

Though Oprah Winfrey was a billionaire, she handles some strategies to invest the money in a beneficial manner. She has a strong belief that financial education is important for the people to tackle the situations at times of crisis. If we follow the advice or the guidelines in the book written by her, you can even handle the worst economic situation, which prevails currently in the world. Oprah says that everyone should plan for the future and at it helps to solve the situation when you are badly in need of money. She offers conservative financial advice which helps to divide your income for education, Real Estate, Savings, Spending and Retirement Investment. The motivating speech of the female billionaire makes us to realize about the unwanted things, in which we have spent a lot of dollars.

Winfrey has spent a lot of money in starting educational institutions all over the world, to make education possible to every child in the world. It is because of her, a lot of poor children are getting educated now. She used her fame and wealth in a positive way to enhance the life of the needy people. She has donated a billion of dollars to charities which are committed to the enhancement of the educational standard. She has also contributed to the relief and recovery funds, for the damage caused due the Natural calamities like storm and flood. She has started a network to help the people who are in need. Oprah’s Angel network has spread widely through out the country and it has raised million dollar funds. She has also invested a lot in channels and entertainment business. After hearing the speech of Winfrey, no one will lavishly use their credit cards.